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Shanghai hospital pays the price for China’s COVID response

A series of deaths at a hospital for elderly patients in Shanghai is underscoring the dangerous consequences of China’s stubborn pursuit of a zero-COVID approach amid an escalating outbreak in the city of 26 million people Go to Source Author:

Oregon sues COVID test company, millions of dollars pocketed

The state of Oregon accused owners of an Illinois-based COVID-19 testing company of stealing millions of dollars in federal funds and insurance money in a lawsuit filed Thursday and said they boasted about buying a mansion and expensive sports cars Go to Source Author:

Up to 65% of Africans have had COVID, far more than thought

The World Health Organization said that up to 65% of people in Africa have been infected with the coronavirus and estimates the number of actual cases may have been nearly 100 times more than those reported Go to Source Author:

Experts say US suspension of COVID aid will prolong pandemic

In the latest Senate package targeted at stopping the coronavirus, U.S. lawmakers dropped nearly all funding for curbing the virus beyond American borders, a move many health experts describe as dangerously short-sighted Go to Source Author: